Thursday, March 01, 2007


I've recently joined a Bloggers with Book Deals forum set up by the indefatigable Clare at Boob Pencil.
(I know I don't have a current deal, but I will do soon, right?)

I've just spent HOURS checking out the blogs of the other forum members - many of them new to me.

What an amazing and diverse bunch of mega-talented people!

Rather than freak you out by putting all the links into this post, I've added them to my blogroll and flagged them as new. (An idea I borrowed/nicked from Cailleach.)

Check them out! You'll cuss me at first for providing you with yet more distraction, but you'll thank me after.

I'm Debi. And I'm a linkaholic.


mad muthas said...

hello debi - nice to see you over at my place - delighted to be linked to you ... i haven't mastered the art myself, so i'm always superimpressed by those what can.

Unknown said...

Debi, read your post over at Lucy Diamond's. If you ever want to talk about the dyslexia and what has worked and what hasn't drop me a line there is a contact form on my web site My 14yr old son broke through last spring and it was a heart rendering struggle. However we have crossed the other side. Still has to work five times as hard as eveyone else but is no seeing the results of that too :-)
Good luck.

Unknown said...

Clicking, clicking, clicking!

Debi said...

MM - Welcome. Good to know I have competition for the title of most technologically-challeneged person in the blogoverse.

Liz - Thanks so much for this. First Born was diagnosed when he was in Year 4 and has been lucky to receive some excellent help. He's very bright indeed (as are many dyslexic children) and is doing really well now. You're right - it is harder for him (and yes, that does hurt the old heart) but he's an amazing kid. Glad you're also seeing a breakthrough now too.

Minx - is that your teeth clicking, dear?

Caroline said...

I want a 'new' next to my name!
I have only just realised why some links are not underlined. I am rather slow sometimes.


Unknown said...

Tell me, have you considered therapy or a 12 step programme?

rabbit strike said...

Thankee for linkee!

Debi said...

Caroline - it's a matter of perception. New links are filled with potential for the future. Old friends are tried and trusted.

Aty - I can't even count to 12.

Rabbit Strike - you're welcee