Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Responsible writing

I've always argued that with writing comes certain responsibilities.

I know that not everyone has agreed.

But then I never made my point with anything like this much wisdom, intelligence and heart.

Thanks to John Baker for this link to Susan Sontag's wonderful essay.


Confucious Trevaskis said...

Don't tell me I'm supposed to act responsibly......I'm afraid that's just not possible Debi..........

Unknown said...

Loved this -
"Time exists in order that everything doesn't happen all at once ... and space exists so that it doesn't all happen to you."

Anonymous said...

I think this is very significant for fiction writers: "Every fictional plot contains hints and traces of the stories it has excluded or resisted in order to assume its present shape. Alternatives to the plot ought to be felt up to the last moment. These alternatives constitute the potential for disorder (and therefore of suspense) in the story's unfolding."

I'm not too sure I agree with her about moral values, though -- they are most definitely not local -- but it may be because I'm currently reading Tom Stoppard's "Jumpers" and he has some pretty interesting things to say about the mutability of "good" and "bad."

Debi said...

Confy - we make an exception for you of course.

Minx - yeah that bit stood out for me too. But there were so many gems there.

Susan - glad to see you back again. We could probably have a whole blog devoted to debating the essay - it raises so many issues.

staghounds said...

I've been reading newish novels lately. This is a thought inducing piece to carry with me as I read and experience.

Thank you for showing me the essay.

Debi said...

Hi Staghound - welcome. Did you know your link doesn't work as you're profile is hidden?