Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sharon's gone!

Don't you just hate it when that happens?

You meet someone and straight away there's a bond.
It never occurs to you that the relationship might be specific to a certain time and place.
You feel close to that person and you want them in your life, feeling you want to share journeys with them.
But then circumstances change and one or other of you decides to move on.
You say you'll stay in touch but deep down you know it's probably not going to happen.

Let me tell you about the first ever serious commenter on this blog, Sharon J.
In my first stumbling posts, Sharon was the one who came back each time.
She even took the trouble to check if I was ok when I went AWOL.
I never did find out how she came across me.
Her comments were invariably supportive.
I liked her.
A lot.
It took a while, but she hung on in there until I eventually got the message and clicked into the link to her blog.
And found a whole new world of linkiness.

The rest, as they say, is history.

As time went on, my initial instincts were confirmed.
She was always supportive.
Although we didn't agree on everything, we understood each other.
We spoke the same language.
And we had mutual respect - even when we disagreed.

Sharon was my 2nd blogmate to make the move into my Real Life, after Maxine and before Minx.

She's always been there.
I knew I could rely on her.
I trusted her.

When I went away, she was the one who'd pop into my blog to check all was well and flick a duster around.

But now she's made the decision to leave the blogosphere.

I do understand and respect her decision.

But - I'm so going to miss knowing she's out there.

So listen up, Sharon.
This is for you.
Imagine my hands on your shoulders.
I'm looking into your eyes.
And I'm saying, 'I don't want to lose you, Sharon J.'

I wish you loads of luck and hope you'll stay in touch so I don't have to go up north of Watford for the sole purpose of stalking you.

And you know where we are if you ever need us!


Anonymous said...

This entry says as much about you as about Sharon (no, nothing bad!)

I followed your link ot sharon (I must stop this befroe blog-reading becomes a bad habit)and don't know if you saw a recent addition to her 'things about me' post (March 3). It was a most unpleasant and unnecessary comment, as well as being untrue (she wasn't analising herself as much as telling people who might be interested ( no one HAS to be interested) things about herself, and what came across was an admirable (and courageous and determined) person. As she's closing her blog, I guess a comment from me there won't be seen, but if you're in touch ask her if that vicious comment was the reason she stopped her blog, and that if so, it's not a good reason, as those sort of attacks are only to be sneered at, not hurt by. I'm not saying we should ignore all attacks or criticisms (you'd become Bush- or Blair-like) but some by their very nature simply emphasise the pretty vile nature of the attacker, and should NOT EVER be allowed to hurt.

On a lighter note, found your 'five things' on her site, and your hair-up breast-out admission (the things one misses being abroad!) reminded me of a car trip from Jeddah to Riyadh, when we passed three women squatting in the desert. We stopped to see what they were doing, and they immediately flung their abayaas (long cloaks) over their heads to hide their faces, leaving us with ther vision of three sets of extremely large and white buttocks! so that's what they were doing! Damn damn and damn, neither of us had a camera!

Richard said...

Steve, no it wasn't. I don't think she's even read it. When Sharon says she's going to move on, there's no stopping her. I can speak with some authority on that matter :)

Anonymous said...

I can feel the ache for you Debi. You know that some people will stay in your life, some you love, some you don't, but that's life and you accept it. But there are times when a kindred spirit flows into your life and it's great you don't have to explain, they just are and it's wonderful. Unfortunately, circumstances change and they have to move on and it hurts - big time and there are times a memory can be over whelming. It's good that you've got the memories and have met enriched each others lives and their'll be others out there so hang on in.

Unknown said...

Standing with you, Debi.

Marie said...

That's a shame about Sharon, but I suppose people sometimes need to move on.

Caroline said...

I'm really bothered by this.
I have a problem with change ;-(

S. Kearney said...

It's terrible when this happens. Don't forget that we are all still here though!

Anonymous said...

I think she'll be back. Steve at Sand Storm did it and he couldn't stay away long. Mind you, in his case it was probably all those real-estate agents that drove him back to us, his spiritual home.

Anonymous said...

You made me cry, Debi!

No matter what happens you'll always have a special place in my heart and although I won't be around as much as before, I'll still be with you. The odd text, occassional email, a drink if I'm in London... but most of all I'll be thinking about you.

Steve R. That comment on "About Me" has nothing to do with my decision. It's been there a couple of weeks now and says more about the commenter than about me. Each to their own I say ;-)

A life that plods along in the same old way, year after year just isn't me and things have stood still too long. Time to makes changes, that's all. Life's an adventure, after all.

Debi said...

She's here! Look everyone - she's here! We drew her out!

Now I feel guilty - no pressure, Sharon. You do what you need to do and know that you will always have my support.

As for that last para - it's what we all love about you.

And anyone who says I suggest having a wild party (as at Pundy's over new year and Woodcarver's recently )in your comments column while your back's turned is a vicious slandering liar.

Now - who's bringing the trailmix ...?

John said...

Congratulations on your nomination for the Thinking Blogger Awards! You've already won, from what I can see...