Friday, March 09, 2012

I'm free!

Apologies ... bad blogger ... very busy ... blah blah ...

Just popping in here to sweep the cobwebs from the corners of my blog and tell people about a free event coming up on Monday 19th March when members of East Dulwich Writers' Group are once again taking part in the fab Telegraph Hill Festival.  We have a slot from 6.30-8.45 at the Hill Station.  This time, we'll be doing a mixture of workshop and readings.  Yours truly will be running a masterclass that should appeal to writers of short stories, novels, poems, memoir ... In other words, anyone who uses ... um ... written words.

EDWGers will also be reading extracts from our anthologies, Hoovering the Roof 1 & 2, as well as introducing new writing. In case anyone needs reminding, HtR 2 won the NAWG award last year.  It promises to be a great event and, if you need any further persuasion ... it's free!

It is fitting that this year's event will be dedicated to the lovely Emily Wiffen, who was an active and enthusiastic member of the group.  She will always be missed.