Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Skill swapping

For some time now, I've been worried about my website.  It's looking very old and tired. (No jokes, please, though I admit I don't look my best at the moment.)  The problem is that I've lost touch with the dear friend who set it up for me and I have no idea how to update the content. I have neither the time nor the resources to try to work out how to resolve this.

Basically, what I need is a creative and techy person who can convert the whole thing into something I can easily access and update (Wordpress?).  I can't afford to pay someone, but a thought has occurred to me.  (It happens, occasionally.)  What if you have those skills and you're also a writer?  Maybe you would like a critique, but can't afford one.  Or perhaps you've just never got round to organising this kind of feedback.  Would you be interested in doing the necessary on my website in exchange for me editing your MS?  You can see a bit about my editing services here.

I have no idea what response to expect to this idea.  I don't suppose I'll be inundated with people jumping up and down and saying 'Pick me!' but there might be more than one person who's interested.  If this exchange of skills appeals to you, email me - info at debialper dot co dot uk - giving a bit of info about what you can do for me and what you would like in return. 

This might be quite exciting for us both, or it might come to nothing.