Friday, April 19, 2024

London Festival of Writing 2023

 Shamefully late in posting photos from LFoW23. This time, the festival was in London, at Regents College, and was non-residential. I'll let the pix do the talking. 

The opening keynote address with Philippa East, self-edit alumna and starry star.

John Taylor, who has been to every FoW apart from 2022 (blame Covid) with his first published novel.

With Marve Michael, winner of the self-edit bursary and keynote speaker for 2024. Full list of bursary winners on the screen behind us.

Writers writing in my workshop on voice

Caring and sharing in my Facing the Fear workshop

Agent Silé Edwards making connections with one of the Friday Night Live (on Saturday) finalists.

The traditional self-edit alumni pic 

With Anna Burtt, co-hosting Friday Night Live (on Saturday)

Bookings open for LFoW24, again in London but in a very swanky venue! The self-edit course, now in its 13th year, is going strong. Details here. Bursaries available - see here. For evidence of how transformative the course is, check out our Hall of Fame.