Friday, March 09, 2007

Introducing Steve

Before we had blogs, Google searches and email, just imagine how many amazing connections we would have missed.
Luckily that's no longer the case.

Let me introduce you to Steve Redwood. Steve found my blog having done a Google search on El Tercer Nombre, who have just published Buscando a Tatiana - the Spanish translation of Trading Tatiana. He's commented on a number of my posts and we're now in email contact.

This guy is wonderful on so many levels I thought it would be selfish to keep him to myself and decided to share him with you all.

He's had about 50 short stories published and two novels - Fisher of Devils and Who Needs Cleopatra? I've ordered both as the reviews and excerpts are utterly intriguing.

Check him out for yourselves.

There are interviews with him here and here and here with links to more reviews.

You can read an excerpt from Fisher of Devils, which was nominated for the British Fantasy Society 2003 Best Novel Award, here.
And here's some more glowing reviews for Who Needs Cleopatra?
And have you seen the (genuine!) reviews on Amazon?

See what I mean? This guy puts the quirk into quirky!

Without this technology, I would probably never have met him.

Which would have been a great shame ...


Unknown said...

I was just wondering what I was going to spend me Amazon winnings from the Moon Topples competition. Devil Fisher here I come!

Debi said...

You're gonna love him, Minxy. He's already checked you out and found yet another connection - he's from Devon.

Unknown said...

Me too, born in Plymouth,lived in Torquay!
Hi, Steve!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... "I thought it would be selfish to keep him to myself and decided to share him with you all." I think what Debi meant was, she didn't want to be stuck with me, and hoped you lot would share the burden! I sometimes have out-of-body experiences, just to get a break from myself.
Debi is even greater than I thought!!!!!
I've already told Debi off for buying the two books, because if you don't like the first one... and now Minx is threatening to spend her prize money. Golly, the responsibility! All I can do is suggest you ignore all reviews (most fisher ones aren't up anyway)and check the excerpts first, bearing in mind I'll have picked the best bits. And there's a Cleopatra chapter thisplace where it says 'download sample chapter'. (Probably nothing will appear - I think I've worked out how to exchange a webpage for a Here, like the clever Debi does, but I often think optimistic things like that. This is my first test.)
Ah, Torquay, immortalised by Scotland's greatest poet. If I find my 'this place' has worked, I 'll later find a link to that masterpiece of Brit lit. If it hasn't worked, I shall sulk.
Hay, Lady Minx, greatly liked your prize-winning story (had to read twice becausxe of my bad memory)but one question: what happened to the killer? Did M leave him stuck on Dartmoor?

Unknown said...

Umm, Steve? The thing with book promotion is...well, it's just that, you know, you're supposed to PROMOTE the book, not try and put me off! Just out of spite, I shall probably order both of them as well, so there!

I detect underlying madness in some of your words - you might do well with a blog!

Unknown said...

Oh cool, Debi. I've added it to my Amazon list of things to buy! Madcap, Pratchett on tequila slammers, is right up my alley. Chicken Man, I know, will love it too.
Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

Ah, 'tis like seeing a flower grow in the desert. There it was, my heart, a sad battered dessicated thing with hardly a decent twitch left inside it - and now all these ckicken-lickin' delicious pèople threatening to buy my books, which, as Debi well knows, is the quickest way to water a person's heart.
Minx, you've lived in Torquay, so I knew that if I warned you off, you would react against the warning out of spite! But when you fall asleep (like my ex-girlfriend - and that's why she's an ex!!!) before finishing page one (really - oh, the horror, the horror! No flattery and no sex!) I can then say, 'But I told you!'

Confucious Trevaskis said... you all......

Unknown said...

Oh dear, Confused one, were we being a bit luvvie?
Now back in yer box, there's a dear, and let us get on with the awfur talk.

Debi said...

Wow - turn my back for a minute and you lot get all smoochy in my comments box. Good!

Steve - if you ever work out how to do links in comments let me know so I can do it too! Meanwhile just put in the URL so people can copy/paste.

Minx and Aty - great stuff. We have work to do on Steve. Not only did he put the quirk into quirky - he also put the self into deprecating. And we ain't having that, are we???

Confy - you can share the hugs too if you're feeling left out.