Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Buscando no longer - she's here!

Just received my copies of Buscando a Tatiana. And she's well cool! Got pic of me inside, credit to G, my website URL ....

Shame we never had direct communication rather than it all going via Orion. As a result the personal info is very out of date. Not even in my worst nightmares am I still a finance officer and wedding photographer!

Along with the blurb on the back, there's a quote from the Morning Star review and the following (translated by Babel Fish of course)

Maestria GIVES demonstrates in this shining novel his to construct one hostoria of suspense near the black novel. One uses as this plot to offer a tragico story to us of the problems which the immigrantes face, a picture of the Mafias that have been developed with the caida one of the communist block and one criticizes to the lack of iniciative of gobeirno of Blair to face these problems.

Even given the vagaries of Babel Fish, I like that last line. Shows they're not afraid to highlight the political angle ...
I'm also pleased to see they are marketing the book as 'suspense' as opposed to focusing on the humour. I always felt uncomfortable with that and many people have told me they initially found it offputting. After all there's nothing to laugh about when you're talking about prostitution rackets.

Things are looking up!
In the same post I received my next m/s to report on.
Also had a really constructive meeting this morning with the primary head to discuss this.
(She was great!)
And now dashing off to the writers' group coffee caucus.
Nice life!


Anonymous said...

Right, that out of the way: you can't go to your writers' group today - it aint Saturday!
Love the Babel translation. Can do you a slightly less... er... eccentric one if you like.
By coincidence, another book El Tercer Nombre have recently published is by a Colombian called 'There's no Paradise without tits', which is not a joke, but a grim picture of poor Colombian adolescent girls (13-14 year-olds)so desperate to sell themselves to drug barons their first dream is to earn enough money to get breast implants. I've only read about 60 pages so far. but it seems the book is dealing with a less obvious crime of teh drug cartels - the destruction of any sense of self-worth of a whole generation, of all values and morality (in its widest sense)as the grug barons are seen as important pèople, the 'in' people. A Columbian TV series has already been made of the book (coming to Spain in July, I think), so we can expect our Debi to quickly follow. So, yes, you're in good company.
Another coincidence - only this morning looked at the Orion cover blurb, and figured the Manchester Eve News quote shouldn't have been so prominent (and even the duck is dubious). There are many funny lines in teh book, but that doesn't make it a comedy, which is impression that quote might have given.
Right, now to face that Cerberus of word-doodle to escape.

Caroline said...

Thrilled for you honey x

Unknown said...

Glad you think so, Steve. Long came to that conclusion!

Finance occifer - still chuckling!

Unknown said...

Brilliant! Well done!
Huge hug!

S. Kearney said...

Oh dear Babel. I want Babel to translate my books in the future!
I will tell my Spanish friends to look out for it, Deb.
Also, how exciting reporting on a m/s ... you could pluck someone from obscurity! What power! :)
wow ... this is weird ... the letter verification below is giving me: mjfox. I have a friend called mj fox!!!!! scary! :)

Marie said...

That's fantastic news, Debi. Pleased for you.

Unknown said...

Hey well done Debi. And would you prefer to be called Maestria now?