Monday, March 26, 2007

The kids are all right

Congratulations to First Born, Little Guy and their friends, Skate Boy (he belongs to Meloney) and Guitar King.

Between them they swam 5000 metres yesterday for the Swimathon.

Mel and I stood poolside and counted lengths.

Boys were fine.

Mel and I needed to spend the rest of the day lying in a darkened room.


Unknown said...

So did I.

Congrats to the fish.

Debi said...

How sad we couldn't all 3 have spent the day lying in the same darkened room, growling at each other and replenishing our sugar levels with regular doses of chocolate.

Unknown said...

I was with you in left-over spirit!

Meloney Lemon said...

I actually, in real life, did lie in a darkened room for about 15 mins. I am not proud of this, and blame that missing hour plus instructions to be at poolside 45 mins EARLY.

But didn't they do well!

I feel a post coming on having recently been prevented by my current bugbear - homework - eg the ******* Egyptian project plus re-writing Taming of the Shrew. Shakespeare is definitely overated.

Debi said...

Mel - are you trying to make me feel guilty about not reminding you to put the clocks forward? Won't work - I'm too busy feeling guilty that Skate Boy didn't get a t-shirt.

As for Shakespeare - I'm embarassed to admit that when FB asked for 3 plot summaries, the only one I could do was Romeo and Juliet. So much for English A Level ...

Jan said...

I have a son. He has a son.
I shiver with delight when I hear pride in my son's voice...pride for HIS son.
I love patterns in families, well loved shapes..