Saturday, March 03, 2007

Dirty (poli)tricks

They get you every time, don't they?
They tell you they're going to do something right.
And you can't help hoping that this time ... just maybe ...

But ...

Check this timeline:

  • 1996 - Labour campaigns on the issue of migrant domestic workers who come to the UK with their employers and are subjected to sexual abuse, violence and virtual slavery
  • 1997 - Labour wins the election
  • 1998 - Legislation is passed to grant migrant domestic workers the chance to leave abusive employers and find other work, receiving basic protection including the minimum wage

  • Feb 2007 - after much pressure is exerted, the UK agrees to sign the European Convention against Trafficking
  • March 2007 - the government announces changes to immigration law that mean that from autumn migrant domestic workers will be granted 'non-renewable business visas'. This translates as meaning that they will no longer be able to leave abusive employers and find other work in the UK. Instead they will be faced with a stark choice - stay put or risk poverty and homelessness.
Here are some of the reactions so far:

'These changes will remove the basic protection for migrant domestic workers. They will be left incredibly vulnerable to exploitation or abuse.' Kate Roberts, community support worker at Kalayaan

'I championed this cause in opposition and government and the changes we put through were to help stop abuse and trafficking. These new propsals are a very retrograde step. Workers who suffer abuse from their employers will feel absolutely alone.' Barbara Roche, former immigration minister

And the Home Office response?

'As part of our continued work to combat trafficking, our emphasis will be upon developing robust pre-entry procedures, including appropriate safeguards, such as the identification of cases of possible abuse at the pre-entry stage to minimise the risk of subsequent exploitation.'

Of course. That's the answer. Stop them coming here in the first place.


Unknown said...

You have to wonder for one, what it cost the tax payer in the first instance to have the government make a decision only to eventually unmake it. I mean what's the bloody point?! Frankly, it is my firm belief that governments and their doings are the work of Satan.

Unknown said...

They can't help it - they all go to politricknical college and learn the same things. Did you know you an even get a GCSE in U-turns now?

Debi said...

This lot designed the course!