Friday, March 23, 2007

What makes you click?

We meet new people all the time - either in Real Life or in this weird space here.

You know how it is - some people you instantly click with.

I know what the criteria are for me:

  • Heart. To make me love you, you have to have a heart. You have to care about other people and try to empathise whenever possible.
  • Conscience. And you have to use that heart to care about people outside your own little world. And then act upon it.
  • Integrity. Trust is vital - no relationship can work without it.
  • An open and questioning mind. You have to be prepared to question your own perceptions and, if necessary, change or adapt them. But you also have to be prepared to challenge others whenever you see injustice.
  • Laughter. Go on. Make me laugh. I can forgive someone more than you can imagine if you make me laugh ...
What about you?
What makes you click?



True words indeed.

Unknown said...

A radio station was holding a competion and called for words that weren't in the dictionary but that could be used in a sentence. The prize was a holiday in Bali.

DJ - Hi caller, what's your name?
Caller - Hi, me name's Dave
Dj - Hi Dave, what's your word?
Caller - Goan
DJ - Yes Dave, you're right, goan is not in the dictionary. Now can you make a sentence with it.
Caller - Sure. Goan fuck yerself.

The DJ cut him off promptly but the next few callers were unsucessful until...

DJ - Hi there, what's your name
Caller - Hi, I'm Jeff
DJ - Jeff, what's your word
Caller - My word is smee
DJ - you are correct Jeff, smee is not in the dictionary. Now for the prize to Bali can you use it in a sentence.
Caller - Smee again - goan fuck yourself!

Did I make you laugh. Did I? Did I?

Unknown said...

Well you made me laugh Minx. And Debi you've got it all down. I'm thinking and thinking but I think you've summed up Dolphins ... I mean clicking.

Debi said...

You guys were already on my lerve list. You've nothing to prove!

Confucious Trevaskis said...

Bob called his boss and said: "Hey, boss I’m not coming to work today, I’m really sick. I’ve got a headache, stomach ache, my leg hurts, I can’t come in"

The boss says: "Bob I really need you today. When I feel sick like this I go to my wife and tell her to give me sex. That makes me feel better and I can go to work. You should try that."

Two hours later Bob calls again: "Boss, I did what you said and I feel great, I’ll be at work soon.
By the way, you’ve got a lovely house."

Debi said...

Marry me, Confy!

The Rooms Gallery said...

Sandawe makes me click.

Meloney Lemon said...

Yes it's what you said - but there's an unexplainable something else too. What could it be?

Debi said...


Anonymous said...

Um... will just the last item be enough? Go on, be kind, it's spring.

Debi said...

You tick all the boxes, Steve. Never fear.