Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Me ... me ... on me aims

How's this for a meme?

Short term aim (6-8 weeks)
Medium term aim (6-8 months)
Long term aim (6-8 years)
  • Make a living through writing
Now ...
... What do I need to do to realise these aims???

Short term
  • Focus
  • Set priorities
  • Be disciplined
  • Aim for at least one chapter a week
  • If that's not happening, cut down on the blogging!
Medium term
  • Positive visualisation!
  • Maintain self-belief
  • Watch out for signposts - even when they crop up in unexpected locations
  • Be ruthless in banishing negative thoughts. It will happen!
Long term
  • More positive visualisation
  • Follow up every lead
  • Be open as to possibilities
  • Never ever give up!
  • Remember I'm already making a living from writing - just that at the moment it doesn't quite stretch to 4 figures per annum ...
There. Now you have a go if you fancy.
I'm not tagging anyone.
Tagging is s-o-o-o 2006, darlings.


Marie said...

Good one, Debi. I think I'll have a go later, though it will be similar to yours. Hope you achieve your aims.


Unknown said...

'Goals,' said the woman at the interview after I had mentioned some of mine, 'You seem to like setting goals for yourself.'
'Yes, I do' I said. 'But some fecker keeps on moving the goalposts...' I thought.

YOU WILL DO IT - your own personal mantra! :)))

Unknown said...

The goalposts don't move, Cailleach, the manager gets sacked, the winger breaks a leg, the striker gets caught taking cocaine, and the goalkeeper turns into King Kong!

Setting yourself reasonable and attainable goals is the best way, working your way towards them little by little. Get to it, Debi.

Debi said...

I'm doing it!

For goodness sake - nag nag nag ...

S. Kearney said...

Oh, I feel faint, could you write one of these up for me while you're at it, Debs?

Debi said...

Just copy and paste, Shameless. I'm sure most of these will fit all of us ... just change the book title.

Unknown said...

With all those good intentions, positive visualisations and all that talent, you can only succeed!