Monday, February 19, 2007

What's in a Name?

This is a bit of fluff - fun though.

You enter the title of your book and are told what the chances are of it being a best-seller!

(Thanks to Dave at e-luv for the link.)

So ... the results are:

Nirvana Bites 34.8%

Trading Tatiana 55.4%

De Nada Nirvana 20.1%

Me, John and a Bomb 14.6%

Depth Charge 35.9%

Which doesn't seem too bad when you hear that the Da Vinci Code scored 10.2%!


Caroline said...

Novel two has a 69% chance ... fantastic on so many different levels! Good job I know me grammar.


Debi said...

That's great, Caroline. Now get back to writing it! (It's ok, I'm talking to myself really ...)

The Moon Topples said...

63.7% for the title-in-progress of my work-in-progress. Hooray!

Unknown said...

Coven of One scored about 44% but Capricorn Wind scored 79% - whoo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, fun!

My novel also has a 69% chance of bestsellerdom. Apparently. We'll just have to see whether the agents agree (haven't got back to me yet, like that's a surprise...)

Elizabeth Baines said...

Tell you what, I think this is a load of bollocks. My own forthcoming title scores 79.6%, so I guess I should be thrilled, but I think your titles are brilliant and should score far more than they do.

Unknown said...

Tis surely bollocks, Elizabeth, but funny bollocks.

'Surely bollocks' - I wonder....

Unknown said...

I like that site, Debit.
Apparently Kairos has a 22.9% chance which figures with poetry anyway...!

And Minx, try Surly Bollox..?

Debi said...

No Credit for the Debit, eh Cailleach?

Unknown said...


Note to self, read the damn thing back!