Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hello World!

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It's close to 3 months since the hearing in my left ear went AWOL, followed about 3 weeks ago by the right.

For the first few days I ranted and howled and felt generally miserable.

But I can't keep that up for long.

As usual, after the self-pity faded, I retreated into a semi-dreamlike state and chilled out inside my head.

I carried on doing things even when I couldn't properly participate.
I just stopped caring so much about it.
Today, for example, I accompanied First Born to a Gifted and Talented conference.

On the bus on the way home - EUREKA!
'Speak to me!' I said to FB with my eyes tightly closed.
Yes. It was true.
My left ear had cleared!

So I'm back in the world of the privileged hearing.
Thanks for waiting.


Anonymous said...

Pleased to hear you're better!

John said...

Cheers, Debi. Happy to...hear it.

pundy said...

Excellent, Debi. I have regular problems with wax building up in my ears. I put stuff in and walk around deaf as a post for a few days before I can get them syringed. I get really depressed during these periods. As well as being silent the world seems much greyer too. Hope you make a complete recovery.

Unknown said...

Oh thank goodness, me ears are missing your voice - does this mean we can talk now?

Marie said...

Excellent news, Debi!

Debi said...

Thanks all.

It's still only about 50% of normal (for me - you'd all probably think it was crap) but hey - it's all relative.

I can hear the children laugh!

S. Kearney said...

Wow ... that measn my faith healing worked then?

The bill is on its way! :)

Debi said...

Shame on you, Shameless. If I'd known I was paying I'd insist on a lot more!

Saaleha said...

Welcome back, she hollered.
You heard her, didn't you?

Debi said...

No need to shout, dear Saaleha - in my left ear.

(Of course if it's the right one you could holler and I still probably won't hear.)