Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pic plea

The Spanish publisher of Trading Tatiana has asked for a photo of yours truly for a magazine interview they've set up.

Trouble is the photo I emailed is apparently too small. They need one at least 3 megs. (Whatever they are ...)

I've sent them one Minx did of me on a Cornish beach. No makeup and every pore visible as well as every rogue hair on me chinny chin chin ... Pardon my vanity, but it ain't exactly flattering.

G and I are both photographers - but sadly have never got to grips with digital. And I don't have a scanner so can't use any of the photos G did of me that don't make me feel like I've just crawled out from under a particularly unsavoury stone!

So ... do any of the wonderful bloggers I've met in Real Life have any photos I don't know about that could fit the bill? You'd earn my undying gratitude ....


Meloney Lemon said...

You could get those men of yours to
tke a snap on the old mobile? Then upload it.

Unknown said...


Caroline said...

Wouldn't it be easier to find someone with a scanner?


Anonymous said...


Print media generally want images at 300dpi ; most general scanned material is 98dpi (low resolution) - although you be be surprised how many bloggers (and websites) insist on inserting images at 300dpi (totally unnecessary for internet viewing) which take an age to download especially in those countries which are still on dial-up connection)

From the little I know about digital cameras their jpg images would normally be 300dpi which would give an image of approx 1.5MB : this should be fine for your Spanish publisher.

All advertising copy generally needs to be 300dpi (high resolution) so I am sure that local friends will quickly come to your rescue, if they haven't already!

The very best of luck with the Spanish edition.

Debi said...

How lovely to see you here, Clive. Thanks for the info.

In case anyone reading this hasn't checked out Clive's site, I'd suggest it's a must for book lovers everywhere!

Unknown said...

Best of luck from me too - I hope you got the piccie sorted!

Anonymous said...

Well, I was with your Spanish publisher this morning, and she impressed me with her colloquial command of english: "God mine!" said she, "¿why she have so many hairs rogues in her chinny chin chin?"
"Pore visibility," said I.
(Slinks away)