Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Spreading the light

Given the incontrovertible evidence about global warming, it's clear that while governments need to act urgently, and so do corporations, we are all going to have to change our lifestyles if there's to be any planet left for the next generation.

Here's a small change we can all make.

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Energy efficient lightbulbs last 6 years, giving 60 watts of light from 11 watts of energy, or 75 watts of light from 14 watts of energy.

But they are more expensive to buy. Even though they would save money on bills in the long run, some people may struggle to find the initial outlay.

Well, now there's an answer!

If you are on any of the following benefits (income support, housing benefit, council tax benefit, jobseeker's allowance, attendance allowance, disability allowance, pension credit, child tax credit, working tax credit) call

0844 8000 444 and quote reference RF INSERT

They will send you 2 x 60 watt and 2 x 75 watt energy efficient bulbs - FREE! They're from Scottish Power and Eaga Partnership as part of the government strategy to reduce bills and environmental impact. There are no obligations and no strings.

So now there's no excuse ...

Incidentally, can anyone tell me why the old dinosaur energy inefficient bulbs aren't extinct yet?


Marie said...

I'm so glad you posted this Debi as I keep meaning to do a post on my blog about global warming. I really must get round to it. Energy efficient lightbulbs do last a long time so it's worth it.

Unknown said...

We` are all doing our bit with recycling etc so isn't it about time lightbulbs came down in price?

Candles are nice, but my children think that they are living on Blackpool seafront. Maybe if we chucked out all the Playstations in the land....

Steerforth said...

Another thought-provoking statistic is that if everyone made sure that they didn't leave the taps running when brushing their teeth, every street would save enough water each year to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

However, it's going to take more than lightbulbs and taps to save us. I think the most realstic assessment is James Lovelock's 'The Revenge of Gaia'.

Unknown said...

"Incidentally, can anyone tell me why the old dinosaur energy inefficient bulbs aren't extinct yet?"

That's 'cos the dinosaurs are still with us, popping light bulbs out their steaming bottoms. Where there's a market, there's a dinosaur looking to make a profit. Changing products would mean asking the dinosaur to rewire his gut and that would hurt him... It's not a price he's terribly willing to pay.

Debi said...

Marie - there's plenty more to say!

Minx - don't start me on recycling. We live in a flat and have no on-site facilities cos the people living in the blocks started a petition AGAINST having any - on the grounds they'd get vandalised and make a mess! So we have to schlap all our stuff to the shopping centre in a huge sack.

Steerforth - absolutely true that we need to do much more. But we have to be careful not to say there's no point as we're all doomed anyway ... I never know whether to be comforted or not by Lovelock's theory that humanity won't be able to wipe out the planet completely - but our species will become extinct.

Aty - too true, chickadee. Your claw has hit the point - those are the real changes that need to be made. Meanwhile, fit that energy efficient bulb and turn off the taps. If enough small people make enough small changes ...

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