Monday, February 05, 2007

New Blogs on the Block

Delighted to add the following new blogs to my luscious links:

Justine Crow often blogged here, but now she's also to be found here at Eddy Currents.
Expect witty watery tales.

John Ahearn was the winner of the recent Skint short story competition.
Check his words at Wordcarving.

Maht is a prolific commenter on many of my fave blogs.
He's got a competition running that looks HOT at The Moon Topples.

Clare Sudbery is not new to the sphere but she is to me.
Check out Boob Pencil. Talk about proactive! I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.
(Many thanks to Fessing Author for introducing us.)


Unknown said...

This party just keeps getting bigger.
Where else can you find writers, poets and droopy boobs all mixing together?

Caroline said...

Is that a rhetorical question Minx? or do you want me to start looking for you???

I'll be checking out your new friends.

Unknown said...

Oh, oh, oh, more time needing to be spent in front of the 'puter. How does anyone get any work done?!

Unknown said...

Glad to get a mention, Debi. Thanks. I'll check out the others as well.

Did Minx just call me a droopy boob? I'm the third mention in the post, and "droopy boobs" is her third category.

Is that some sort of British thing?