Sunday, October 01, 2006

ocCult Fiction

I've finished copy editing Minx's book, Coven of One, published by Skint's company, Opening Chapter and due out 31/10.

And I can tell you this ... You won't be disappointed!

Think ... mesmerising. Think ... enchanting. Think ... bewitching.

Get the pic?

Now, film rights anyone?


Anonymous said...

ocCult Fiction - love it

And a bloomin' good job you did too Debi :)

and you're right about the book, I've read every word about 169 times now and still enjoying it, every time

Coven of One is so cooool

Anonymous said...

Can we adopt this? I want to be a cult - is that rude?

What are you doing here anyway Skint, get your head down!

Blessed be, both of you!

Marie said...

Sounds great. I will order soon. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Best to Minx!