Friday, June 08, 2007


Remember my Blogging from the Dark Side post?

If you've been following Rachel's blog, you'll know that her cyberstalking nightmare has been ongoing.

Now it seems there has been a resolution at last.

Let's hope FJL now gets the help she clearly needs -
- and her victims get some much-needed breathing space.


Rachel said...

Hurrah, it's over. And hopefully the psychiatric reports will uncover what the hell has been going on in her mind

Debi said...

And even more hopefully - you won't need to know, Rachel, but can get on with your life now without the fear and loathing she brought to your days.

Anonymous said...

I have been suffering from a cyberstalker over the past few months and it is a horrible experience: one you can't begin to imagine unless you go through it. I can't believe some of the things this person did and what state of mind induced them. I truly hope it is over now as they have gone quiet for a couple of weeks, but one issue is that you never know if they are going to come back, or do something else sometime in future. A very scary experience. I have been loath to comment on poor Rachel's story on your previous posts in case this person crops up there too (one of the patters was to crop up in comments I'd made on people's blogs and put nasty things after mine) -- but I am hoping that it is over so I am safe to mention it. My sympathies, deeply and knowingly felt.

Debi said...

Maxine - I had no idea and am so sorry to hear this ... hoping it's all over.