Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Authors and their blogs

The Penguin has a post about what makes a good author blog.

Funny that ... I never sat down and wondered about how or what I would blog ...
The way I do it just seemed like the only possibility.

I've realised recently that my blog voice, Real Life voice and fiction voice are all one and the same.
That could be a symptom of a lack of imagination on my part or it could be that I've managed to achieve consistency in at least one area of my life.

What about you?
Do you have a range of different voices that you can call on depending on the arena and circumstances?

Big thanks as ever to Maxine for commenting on the Penguin blog and giving a shout to myself and Clare as examples of good author blogs.


Unknown said...

"I've realised recently that my blog voice, Real Life voice and fiction voice are all one and the same."

What? You don't capture that saucy laugh, nor your floral expletives on yer blog!
I think my blog/writer/real life voices are all slightly different and you should know!

Unknown said...

I think mine are slightly different too. When I write it tends to formalise what I say, and I don't write the f*** word half as much as I use it, if in fact at all! Whoosh. There is a thread of me running through, but not all of me, if you follow...

Anonymous said...

I find it quite useful to have an alterego on my blog so she can say all the things she wants to say and it is nothing to do with me at all.

Unknown said...

My bloggy voice and real voice are pretty similar, but the writerly voice depends on what I'm writing. Sometimes it's me, but sometimes I read it back and wonder who wrote that, can't be me, it's too good (That doesn't happen to often)!

Marie said...

I suppose my blog voice is similar to my real life voice, which I'm not keen on.

My fictional voice has to be different, depending on what I'm writing.

Anonymous said...

My blog voice is more restrained than my real one, but I am not an author -- in fact, that is probably why I am not one.

You are welcome, Debi, you definitely have a blog that is there because it is there, not because you are trying to sell something. Too many blogs - mainly american ones I have found -- are part of the "marketing package".