Friday, June 15, 2007

A post re the post

I've just received This Very Important Book in the post today.

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I'm grateful for the opportunity to have become the latest link in a chain that should take it on a wide-ranging journey through the blogosphere.

Lee told Minx here.
Minx blogged about it here.
She sent it to Cailleach who blogged about it here.
And then sent it to me.

I'm going to read it now, blog about it when I've finished and then pass it on to the first person who emails me requesting it.
(info at debialper dot co dot uk)
They will then blog about it, put their name and url in the front cover, and pass it on to the next person.

Oh and by the way, Dina blogs here.
And any money raised from sales of the book goes here.


Jeff said...

Debi, another chain has begun here, in Texas, with another copy of Dina's book that Lee sent out .... I just finished blogging about it, yesterday, at ..... next, it goes to another Texas blogger, Janie at Sounding Forth .....

Unknown said...

Apart from getting the word out there this is quite an exciting project. I just hope we can keep track of them.

Unknown said...

Yes, very exciting and refreshing too!

Debi said...

a single strand is easily broken.
But plait us all together ...