Friday, June 29, 2007

Small talk

Home made birthday cards

From FB:

Dear Mum,
I love you so mutch and miss you when your in onther room.
Have a lovely day.

Even I'm not mean enough to suggest he should have proof read it ...

From LG:

Dear Tity,
I wish you a lovely and fantastic birthday.

The boys have recently taken to calling me Mumitty, which they sometimes shorten to Titty ...
... much to my blushes when they call me in public.


Marie said...

Happy Birthday!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Debi! Hope you have a wonderful day. I trust G is spoiling you rotten and if not tell him he'll have me to deal with.

Mumitty, eh? Big Fecker calls me Mem - sort of like it.

Jan said...

Keep Those!
They're Valuable!
Trust me!

Unknown said...

Happy Belated birthday Debi. I cracked open a big bottle of champagne at 12 in your honour. We also made quite a few other toasts very noisily as I recall. Hope you had a fantastic day.

Anonymous said...


Wishing you, belatedly at this time, a very happy birthday!

I remember last year's too, which puts something into context, here.

Time does fly, but it's great to know you during the duration...

All the best for the forthcoming year!

Unknown said...

Belated Birthday greetings from me too. Bless the kids innocence - it goes all too soon, so I wouldn't complain.

Unknown said...
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Asad said...
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