Friday, June 08, 2007

Another festival? Wye not ...?

From a festival in Hay-on -Wye to a fayre in Wye.
How's that for nifty leap?

Check here for details of an exciting event in Kent Wye on 6th and 7th July (as opposed to Welsh Wye).

'Revel from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning in the stunning grounds of Withersdane Hall, set in the heart of the Kent countryside and only an hour by train from London.

Five stages of folk, rock, blues, roots, Americana, indie, electronica, raw grooves and psychedelia, plus comedy / real ale, real lager, wines & cocktail bars / great food & ice cream tricycles / al fresco record shop / marketplace / alternative healing & therapies tent / free camping & parking / rooms to rent.'

Sounds great, doesn't it?
You can see the full lineup here.

Here's what the organisers have to say about themselves:
'Wye Fayre is organised by a passionate and enthusiastic bunch of live music and comedy promoters, event organisers, designers and musicians.'

L, who told me about it, says:
'It's starting out on a similar scale to what Glastonbury once was ...'

How can you resist?
Tickets available here.

UPDATE: Just realised the links to the separate pages don't work for some reason too techy for my poor tired brain to work out. Each takes you to the main page and you can follow the links from there.


Unknown said...

Oh poot! How far is Kent?

Meloney Lemon said...

Wye not indeed. Am on the case - but competing with historic Tour de France London start that is on same day. HOWEVER - it IS my birthday.... watch this space for much tossing of coins.

Anonymous said...

I may go to that would upset you wouldn't it? BLOGMEET!!

Anonymous said...

Just read camping is free - yep Ima coming!!

Debi said...

Minx - hardly any distance at all if you take the besom.

Meloney - yes, yes, yes! Use double-headed coins if need be. Lie, cheat, whatever - just join us there!

Mutley - more yeses! Email me - info at debialper dot co dot uk and we can exchange mobile numbers. It's gonna be a blast!

Jan said...

I live in the north so wont make it.
Sounds great though.
Shall get into some clog dancing and race a few whippets instead.

Unknown said...

The besom is broke but Agnes Minge says she can come.

Thy said...

rats. i live in southern california.

Debi said...

Excuses, excuses, Jan, Minx and Me.

Still, you'll get the next best thing - my blog report on the Fayre. Which is going to make you ensure you can be at the next one - whatever it takes!

Anonymous said...

Im checking out the practicalities - if I can come I will....Im not joking about this one Ms Minx -its exactly the sort of thing I love...that and CAMRA beer festivals..