Friday, June 08, 2007

Tha last Hay in the stack

I just thought I'd pull together the blog buzz from Hay survivors.

It's a clear sign of the diversity you get in this here blogosphere and a vindication of the decision to acknowledge the role bloggers have to play by officially commissioning them (us!) to cover events.

First up, there's my epic post covering the first couple of days of the Festival.
(Can you imagine how long this post would've been if I'd been there for the full festival?)

Then we have Fiction Bitch's political analysis.

John Baker's published several posts culminating here - some straightforward reporting, others showing how real life situations can inspire good fiction in the right hands.

On the It's a Crime blog, Crimeficreader gives us the Welsh perspective as a regular attendee at Hay.

And so, in his inimitable fashion, does Skint Writer.

Struggling Author shares her enthusiasm here.

You can get the insider's view here from a festival volunteer.

And here from a contributor.

And finally scroll down to the bottom of the comments here to see that we're not just howling at the moon - people do hear us.

Finally, if you missed it all, go here for all the interviews and show details ...
... and here for the free download.

Wear some wellies, close your eyes ... it's the next best thing to being there ...

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