Saturday, June 02, 2007

Heads up - we're in the Guardian ...

The review section of Saturday's Guardian has a 'From the blogs' section chosen by the editor of Guardian Unlimited books.

So guess who's up this week ...

Yep - they've quoted from my Hay blog and from Fiction Bitch's post re the festival.

The other 2 blogs quoted were interesting too.
The Midnight Bell and Hodmandod both mention the emergence of new independent publishers - Social Disease, (website currently unavailable) Wrecking Ball and Burning Shore Press.

Then there's Readreverb - publishers of my man in Spain, Steve Redwood.
Click here to see their philosophy.

These add fuel to my theory that this is both the best of times and the worst of times for writers.

'Worst' in that traditional publishing is becoming ever harder to break into ... especially for those whose writing is not considered mainstream or authors whose early books don't go mega overnight.

'Best' in that there are some really inspiring alternatives - a long way from the 'self-published' stigma of yesteryear.

Let's hear it from the glass-half-full posse!

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