Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hay ho and away we go ...

It all started yesterday morning when I received an email from John Baker asking if I wanted to go to the Hay Festival.

Expenses paid, hotel booked, tickets to events of my choice ...
All I have to do is blog about it.

I leap to the festival site to check the dates.
Thurs 24/5 - Sun 3/6.
Next week is half term and we're going away for a few days.
But if it's the following weekend ...

I email John and ask for details.
Back comes the reply.
It's Thurs - Sat.
This Thurs - to this Sat!

Cue a day of frantic phone calls, emails and surfing.
Simon at Artswom has problems with emails bouncing.
My broadband connection keeps going AWOL.
And my browser keeps closing down too.

Another complication.
I'm allowed to take a guest.

But who can drop everything at a moment's notice?
(Apart from me it seems ...)
G can't come of course - someone has to stay with First Born and Little Guy.

Last thing yesterday I finally receive the wandering emails.
I send back my booking form and list of events I'd like to attend.

Then this morning - more emails confirming my place.
But no one's told me yet where I'm staying!
Or how I go about claiming those (all-important) expenses ...
So I don't dare book the train tickets yet.

But meanwhile another email -
- I might have found someone who's up for sharing the experience.

Only I have to go out.
For the whole day.

Arrive home 4.30.
One email confirming that I'm booked for this:

Sky Arts film a daily round-up show presented by Mariella Frostrup, featuring Hay news and author interviews. Hay-on-Sky airs daily at 8pm on Sky Arts channel 267.

But still nothing re the hotel etc.

A nice comment on the last post though.
I decide to be reassured and book my tickets.

Techy trauma!
What's with my browser anyway?

Give up and use the phone.

So now my train tickets are booked for tomorrow morning.

But I still don't know where I'm going to be resting my weary head ...


Anonymous said...

And when exactly are you leaving Hay? (I'm going up on Saturday morning for a couple of events, but it looks like I might miss you!)
I'm sure you'll have a good time. Last minute makes it more fun too!
All the best for the programme! Enjoy...

Debi said...

Oh I'll just miss you then! Shame ... Hope you enjoy it too.

Anonymous said...

I just read your post and was going to say "don't forget to hook up with CFR" but I see I am too late.

Oh well. Have a lovely time with whoever you end up going with. Make the most of it, sounds wonderful to have a few days' off.

Jan said...

Lucky you.
Never been, BUT will organise m'self one fine day!

Debi said...

Lucky me indeed. Don't I just know it ...

Anonymous said...

Sadly, my first attempt at leaving you a comment seems to have been unsuccessful. Rest assured it was an incredibly witty and brilliant example of commentary genius!

Thank you for such an excellent write-up. It really caught my imagination and now I feel I have enough of an insight of the Hay to know that, despite some misgivings, it is not something that I want to miss out on next year.

All the best!