Friday, May 11, 2007

Education, education, education

If you're as cynical as I am about the government's supposedly brilliant idea to allow people with no experience whatsoever to control our children's education, you might like to sign this petition,
protesting against the creation of Academies.

Remember - for £2million someone gets control of a state school and can disapply all sorts of national agreements.
Plus the Government gives them another £35 million of taxpayers' money.

You can find out more about this stunningly stupid idea at the Anti Academies Alliance here.


Unknown said...

It is not education, education, education - it is money, money, money. We are becoming a glorified childminding service with no toilet paper! It is a sad day when education establishments are relying on 'Scrapstores' to provide free materials for children to use creatively. Don't get me going on this one - my budget has just been cut from nil to minus nil - I spend most of my time begging.

Unknown said...

Now there I was thinking the other story (the washcloth one)was a great story and now you're telling this one too. And it's true! Man oh man. What's happening?

Meloney Lemon said...

Thanks for the links. I was talking about this yesterday with a friend whose job has been radically affected by this ridiculousness.