Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Meanwhile in Lit-Blogworld ...

Minx is trying out a new genre. (Swoon.)

Atyllah has turned her back on humanity. (Sob.)

Cailleach has cause for celebration. (Cheer.)

Tim Footman has posted on Comment is Free re this lot. (Spit.)

Fiction Bitch has tagged me. (Ouch.)

Norm stands up for hairy bloggers. (Respect.)

Maxine is eclectic as ever. (Click.)

Caroline's counting the days. (Hyperventilating.)

Clare and Lucy Pepper have both pointed out the forthcoming Big Blogger. (Look out - there's another Minx in there.)

And Skint's only gone and lost his blog ...

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Yes, I have indeed... but I'm still watching - be afraid, be very afraid...