Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Day in the Life of ....

Want a snapshot of my life?
This was yesterday ...

8.50am Take LG to school.
9.10am Back home, check urgent emails and gulp caffeine.
9.30am Leave to go to dad by bus and tube across London.
Work on ms I'm editing while on tube.

(Had phone call last night saying dad had been rushed to hospital with severe SOB - shortness of breath - and was 'extremely ill'. But when I phoned again at 10.45pm they said they were discharging him!)

11.15am Arrive at dad's. He's not there! Rush round to his GP - he's not there either.
Just about to start scouring streets when I have a brainwave.
Phone hospital - they kept him in after all.
12 noon Having packed a bag for dad, leave to get bus to hospital.
1.00pm Arrive at hospital. He's not too bad, though very frail.
Staff nurse and I try to discuss care options with him but he's having none of it.
2.30pm Leave hospital. Bus, tube, bus back home.
4.00pm Arrive home. L is already here for pre-arranged meeting.
4.15pm G drives me and L to FB's school for meeting to finalise parents' newsletter which L and I have been working on.
5.40pm Leave school and walk home.
6.15pm Arrive home and gulp down some food.
6.45pm Leave again to go to park for Dulwich run.
7.15pm LG runs 1500m.
7.45pm G runs 5km.
8.15pm Back home. Clean up. Make tomorrow's lunches. Get kids to bed. Start editing.
1.00am Bed.

PS. This is not an elaborate excuse to get out of doing memes!


Unknown said...

What is meant by 'The longest day' is in fact the length of daylight hours not how much you can pack into it!!
Please don't forget to sleep!

Thoughts for your dad and strength for you. Love and light.

Debi said...

I can't believe I missed the importance of yesterday's date!

BTW - we spent 3.5 hrs at FB's school yesterday for parents' evenings ... he did get amazing reports though.

Marie said...

Hope your dad is feeling better soon.

Unknown said...

Hi Debi, blooming heck how do you do it? I'm completely knackered at the moment and I'm just looking after me!

BTW I've just e-mailed you the dates for when I'm in London. I hope we can meet up. Just skip by all the bits to various family members, you are in there.