Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I need cloning

Many many (very many) years ago, a friend did some kind of aura analysis on me.
(No, I don't understand either.)

The only bit I remember was when he advised me, 'One Debi, not many'.
He was responding to the insight that I was too adaptable to whoever I happened to be with at the time and needed to work on developing a strong inner core.

As the years passed I managed to achieve that sense of self and learned how to maintain an ability to adapt while holding on to a fundamental Debiness.

The problem now is that one Debi is not enough.
I need cloning.
Let's see.
I need one Debi to stay home and administer cuddles, comfort and cold compresses to LG's fevered brow.
Then I need another to go to dad.
(I usually visit him at least twice a week, but by a bit of bad timing I haven't been for a week and Big Bro hasn't been able to make it either.)
A 3rd is required to finish the MS appraisal I'm working on.
A 4th can focus on the barmitzvah.
And while we're at it, I might as well have another to start work on Book 6.

Now, it's clear we also need one who can co-ordinate all the others while lying on the settee eating chocolate.
As the prototype, I think it only apt that I should volunteer for this role.


Unknown said...

Kisses and hugs to LG and to his mum, who is probably going to meet herself coming back one of these days... that is, she will if she's cloned. I don't think the world could cope...!

Anonymous said...

hi debi..Perhaps this may help on No 4..Barmitzvah Meal..
Dough; Pirogen or Piroshki 1 A stiff dough...
Dough; Piroshki or Pirogen 2 dough and potatoes mashed...
Dough can have meat or milk fillings.. Knishes and Vaienikes
Mincemeat rolls
Mushroom tartlets
Salmon rolls
Curd cottage chesse savory bisuits
Onion Buiscuits
Bridge rolls
Avocado Dip
Cream Cheese Spread
Spring cheese dip
Cream cheese Mayonnaise
Liptaver cheese dip
Nahit..chick peas..or bobs..brown beans
All the above are welcome at a barmitzvah...
xx homelesschicken

Debi said...

Oh wow, hc! You're a bundle of surprises!

I think I've just about got the menu under control but it's a lot less imaginative than yours ...

Cailleach - now THAT's a scary thought ...