Thursday, May 08, 2008

Lemon Aid

Mr Lemon (spouse of Meloney and not in the slightest bit anorak-y) came round recently bearing a pc which he's kindly set up for FB to do his homework on.

Mr L is a great fan of Linux open source software - free, efficient and safe as well as a challenge to the Microsoft monopoly - so I'm spreading the karma a bit further with a mention here.

Anyway, as we live in a very small and very cluttered space, the arrival of the new equipment has necessitated a clear out.

We now have 2 dead Playstations and some other odd bits of defunct techy toy hardware to dispose of.
I can't bear to just chuck them in the bin/landfill.
Anyone know of an eco-friendly way to dispose of them?


pierre l said...

My son swears by "freecycle". There may well be someone out there who would enjoy repairing (or trying to repair) your broken hi-tech things. And if they fail and the equipment ends up in landfill, then at least you've done your bit.

Unknown said...

You need a society like ours. Leave the stuff out with the bins and rest assured that the "bin men" (not the garbage collectors( will take them away, salvage parts and do something with them.

And yes, we're also big supporters of Linux. The Open Source model was how the internet and technology was originally designed to be - until the greedy piggies climbed aboard. Can you imagine of MS et all gained control of blogging and we were expected to pay...?

Debi said...

Pierre - good thinking. I signed up for Freecycle a couple of years ago but have never got round to using it. The time has come (or it will do when I manage to focus on it).

Ab Van - I thought about leaving them outside for that reason. Unfortunately round here they'd just get chucked round and smashed to bits, leaving the poor caretaker to clean up. That last line of your comment is deeply chilling!

Anonymous said...

hi debi,can i suggest streetsmart, based in peckham.this is a Homelesss charity that re-cycles goods..more details are to be found at
love jenny...homelesschicken

Debi said...

Brill - thanks, hc. Peckham is just down the road so I'll definitely be checking them out. Hope the sun is shining on you!

Meloney Lemon said...

Streetsmart sounds useful. Why didn't I know about it. Cheers for the Linux plug. All we need is for more people to come round to it - and a couple of giants will be overthrown...

( A has got a coat that looks abit like an anorak....) X