Monday, May 05, 2008

A Day Like No Other

Doncha just love it when life presents you with new and different experiences?
This was me yesterday ...

We arrive at the synagogue soon after 8.00.
Here's how 2 people, working in unison like a well-oiled machine, cook 10 filleted and skinned salmon:
Wash each fillet. Season both sides with salt, black pepper, lemon pepper, onion powder, dried onions and lemon juice. Smear on a little mayonnaise. Sprinkle with fresh thyme. Place fillet on silicone paper and sandwich matching seasoned fillet on top. Wrap loosely in heavy duty tin foil parcel allowing enough space for air to circulate. Cook in relays - half hour in medium oven.

We go to the park for some chill out time.

A family near us groan as their remote control plane gets stuck in a tree.
'I'll get it!' says G, leaping to the rescue.
He throws our football at the plane with unerring aim.
Once. Twice. On the 3rd attempt the ball hits the plane ...
... And lodges snugly in the branches cuddled up next to it.

'It's OK,' G yells, grabbing our cricket bat.
But at 6'4" and with LG on his shoulders, even the combined height of my partner and son are insufficient to reach.

'No problem,' G says, undeterred.
He'll use the cricket bat as a javelin and knock both the trapped ball and plane down.
Once. Twice. On the 3rd attempt the bat shoots into the branches with deadly accuracy...
... And snuggles up cheek by jowl next to its comrades.

By this time we've attracted quite a sizable crowd of gawpers.
And I'm laughing so hard my poor pelvic floor muscles are begging for mercy as G and the other guy attempt to rock the tree.

It takes a passing light, lithe and fearless teenager to clamber up the tree and spare my man from further embarrassment (and me too according to my bladder).

Back to the synagogue to transfer the salmon from fridge to freezer.
Another task crossed off my list(s).


Liane Spicer said...

Debi Alper! So glad I found you (via Caroline Smailes' blog)!

I did a mini review of Trading Tatiana on my blog last year.

Love your work!

Debi said...

Oh look! Another new blogmate!

Welcome, Liane, and good luck with your own writing. Thanks so much for the review which I've only just found. So much for Google alerts ...

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why, but I was envisioning a man lodged neatly in a tree next to a bat, a football, and a plane. And Robert Goulet wedged in next to all that, singing something from South Pacific...

Debi said...

I'm not sure why either, Leslie. But you have a wonderful imagination!