Sunday, May 25, 2008


It is measles.
It didn't follow the usual pattern and we couldn't see the tell-tale signs so had convinced ourselves LG had a feverish cold.
Then yesterday, the 5th day of him being ill, the rash erupted.

So here's the deal.
We can call it Numerology 2.

90% of non-immune people who come into contact with measles will contract it themselves.
The most contagious times are 4 days before the rash appears and 4 days after.
The incubation period is 10-14 days.
FB's barmitzvah is in 13 days.

In other words, the timing couldn't possibly be worse.

G has swapped beds with LG who's in with me.
We've managed to get hold of the homeopathic preventative remedy and are dosing up FB.
And we're all washing hands in a way that even Lady Macbeth would consider excessive.

All of which could well be a case of shutting stable doors long after the horse has buggered off.
There's nothing more we can do. Except wait.

I anticipate a barrage of criticism along the lines of us being irresponsible parents for not having had our children vaccinated.
But in spite of everything I still think that was the right decision.
(G's not so sure.)

In the meantime, you won't be seeing much of me on the blog for a while.
I have a sick child to care for.


Sue Guiney said...

Oh Jeez! I can just imagine what you're going through!!! I wish I could say something helpful but...fingers crossed. Hopefully FB will make it through his big day ok (and if he and everyone else gets measles starting the day after, well, so be it. Right?) Thinking of you! xo

Unknown said...

ooh - hope you have the calamine lotion handy :(

Unknown said...

Oh no, and just when you were telling me it wasn't measles! Oh you poor things. Hope FB will be okay and all will be well in time for the Barmitzvah.
Strength, Debi xxx

Unknown said...

There is that playground song that says "Kats don't get the measles" - sing it often.

You will look back at this and laugh one day, yes you will, I am sure you will!

Unknown said...

Having measles builds the immune system and while it is not the most fun thing to have a well nourished person of any age will get through it just fine.

Anonymous said...

Measles has made a showing here in Arizona. About 23 confirmed cases.
I was vaccinated as a child, but I supposedly have grown old enough to get them again.
I remember being told that once you have the spots, you are feeling well again. You are just spotty.
Or speckled trout, as it were.

Jan said...

And that sick child will remember this time.
My little grandson was feeling grim recently with a cold; he told me he "slept under Daddy's wing" the night before to make him feel better; my big tall son grinned sheepishly.... yrs before, HE'D had measles and had spent a night or two "under MY wing"..all these phraes and happenings etc come back yrs later and it's all actualy rather lovely.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Poor LG - I remember having measles as a child, it was hot and itchy and annoying and horrid. Poor all of you, too. I hope everyone else escapes - it could happen - my sister had chickenpox when we were children - twice - and I didn't catch it either time. Best of luck.

pierre l said...

I too am very sorry to read about LG being unwell, with the tight schedule you are on. I hope he gets over it soon and the rest of you don't catch it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about LG's measles. If it's any comfort even if you're immunised it isn't foolproof, as there's always 'wild strains' of these viruses. Timings rough, hope things are going ok with FB's big day,

Elizabeth Baines said...

Oh heck! Thinking about you all...

Anonymous said...

((((big hugs all round!))))

Anonymous said...

I son had measles despite having had mmr....

he was dxed with autistic spectrum disorder aged 8...

Sharon J said...

Thinking of you x