Monday, July 02, 2007

The next link

I'm delighted to announce that this lovely blogger is the next link in the chain from here.

I will be sending Dina's book to her later today and look forward to the continuation of its journey through the blogosphere.

Meanwhile, Dina's blog continues to provide us with an insight into her life.

In this post, for example, she says:

'I realised that what's really new with cancer is this sense of living longer. So, for example, right now, the other mothers at school - most of whom haven't seen me for several weeks now - have no sense of what kind of illness this is. Is this cancer you die from? Recover from? And the truth is I don't know either, and none of the medical people answer these questions either. This is the unknown of now - so everybody just says, take each day as it comes.'

She follows this up with a discourse on the Guardian crossword.
That's Dina for you.


Lee said...

It goes to show that not every virus is malignant. Thanks.

Unknown said...

That is good news Debi - I'll watch out for it.

Debi said...

Absolutely, Lee. It's wonderful when the technology gives us a chance to do something positive.

Cailleach - we're nestling alongside each other in a chain I hope goes on and on, carrying Dina's words far and wide.