Monday, July 23, 2007

Arrivederci, Roma ...

Rome's finished and we're bereft.

I hardly watch tv these days and rarely get pulled into a series.
But this was such a wonderful spectacle, with mind blowing sets and some of the very best acting, that I was sucked in.

But I did find those names confusing.

First you had:

Lucius Vorenus
Lucius Malfoy
and Lucius Pepperus

Then there was:

and Octavier is the saddest month

Not to mention:

Titus Pullo
Titus Andronicus
and Titus Arsell.

My mistake.
That last one appeared in Nirvana Bites which has yet to be serialised on the Beeb ...


Unknown said...

I saw about five minutes of Rome when I was at my Dad's. They all seemed like northern lads dressed up in skirts. But then who am I to criticise? I watch Heroes, it starts tomorrow on BBC2 by the way!
BTW have you noticed how Cornwall's about the only part of the country that hasn't flooded?

Unknown said...

I am watching Cape Wrath and, err, nothing else. We have hundreds of channels and they are filled with utter crap. I gave up a long time ago.

Unknown said...

And we have got floods - in places, but not as bad as some areas. I'm on a hill - thank the Goddess.

Unknown said...

Titus Arsell...? Hmm, yes, I think I know him...

Anonymous said...

Rome? I'm lost! (nothing much changes!)

You have a TV? Oh yeah... I think that's what my daughter calls the black box in the living room. Thank god I don't watch it much - I'd never find the remote!

Unknown said...

Yeah I have a honking great thing in the living room which I think is called the occasional DVD watcher, otherwise I'm watching everything on the internet nowadays. Cape Wrath you say Minx? Mmm.

Lucy P said...

toga was a bit itchy.