Friday, July 13, 2007

The best blogging by-product

I met Verilion, fresh from Paris, yesterday on the South Bank.
She was vertical when I met her ...

As you can see, no sooner did I congratulate myself on transferring photos from camera to laptop, than I ran into an ... er ... small technical difficulty ...

Can anyone tell me how I rotate these things?

Anyway - back to the lovely V.
This crossing over from Blogworld to Real Life has been a completely unexpected but wholeheartedly welcomed by-product of blogging.

So now V joins the impressive list of bloggers I've met.

Cast list (in order of appearance)

Maxine, Link Queen
Sharon, Think Queen
Minx, Rinky dink Queen
Skint, Not a Queen
crimeficreader, Crime Queen
Cailleach, Poetry Queen
Natalie, Chats with deities
Elizabeth, Not in the slightest bit bitchy
Clare, Boob Queen
Nikki, Award winning Queen
Granny P, Matriarchal Queen
Rivergirlie, Queen of comedy
Marie Not so struggling Queen


Unknown said...

I fear the Queen of Nirvana is bragging a wee bit!

Unknown said...

And now I've got a crick in my neck!

Right, when I'm next on your side of the planet we're having chocolate :-)

Anonymous said...

Am now having lots of gay thoughts.

Meloney Lemon said...

And Blaugustine - the cartoon queen?

Debi said...

Blaugustine? 'Tis Natalie. I thought her communing with deities raised her above the mere regal ...

Anonymous said...

Move over Helen Mirren, here I come...
Someone addressed me on his blog as ma'am the other day and now I'm a crime queen!
Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

Where's the pink queen?
That's an impressive number of bloggers you've met, Debi.

Debi said...

It's not the sheer numbers that are impressive, Maxine, but the richness they have added to my Real Life!

Unknown said...

Blooming heck that is an impressive list Debi! I have to catch up now (and get vertical again!)

Debi said...

Wotcher, V. No one's yet told me how to straighten you up so until then I hope you enjoy the lie down.

Did you also notice how I cunningly got that lamp post to appear from the top of your head? You think that's easy?

Anonymous said...

They are .. you know.... well..... women..

How do I meet women in real life? It just never seems to happen. Are you busy next week at all? See! You never even considered it..

Debi said...

Oh Mutley, Mutley, Mutley. *sigh*

No 1 - Skint is categorically NOT a woman - not unless he's had the op since I met him.

No 2 - if you had come to the Wye Fayre, you could've been on the list too.

No 3 - which day next week?

Ms A said...

Award winning queen? I like it :)