Monday, November 06, 2006

The Words in Him

And now for a poem ...

It's not one of mine of course cos I'm crap at them.

This is one of Skint's from his book, The Words in Me.

You're Fab

There are those that wake with still closed eyes
And grunt and hide and live in lies
They swallow anything that comes
And lay to rest with nothing done.

Then there are the ones that see
That live their own humanity
They show their beauty in the night
And when they leave they leave a light.

While I'm on about Skint, let me tell you about another book of his - Fabulous Fillings for Baked Potatoes. If the title leads you to expect recipes along the lines of 'Fill with grated cheese and for that extra special touch add a knob of butter' or 'Open the tin of baked beans ...' think again!

This book is a veritable cornucopia of vegan delights such as Continental Lentil Moussaka, Mushroom Yoganoff and Hawaiian Stir Fry. But what else would you expect from the man who gave us bhajis to die for???

Both these books are a tribute to Skint's determination to bring his words into print for us all to share, savour and enjoy. Searching for sustenance for the soul or for the palate? Look no further for that special present for the gift-giving season!

I've just started on the stream of consciousness that is The Three Bears in the sure and certain knowledge of his ability to make me laugh, cry and dribble.

Oh - and you did know he's a talented and intuitive painter too, didn't you?


Anonymous said...

aw - you got me to blush - You're Fab

Debi said...

does that mean I'd make a good filling for a beked potato?

Debi said...

or even a BAKED potato ...

Anonymous said...

No Debi, try the ratatouille filling instead - yum. Or the yogurty mushroomy, stroggy thing and the....

And the bhajee recipe has taken on a life of its own and become a chain recipe! Gorgeous - made them on Saturday with a tomato curry.

Anonymous said...

Yes she did.............mmmmm lurvely........thank you skint

Anonymous said...

ta - s'nice to be appreciated