Friday, November 03, 2006

Coffee with a conscience

I received the following and thought it would be good to share ...

(Bet Sharon's already had it ... I'm on a mission to post a link to something she hasn't known about for ages ...)

Hello D,

We just wanted to send you a quick e-mail about Starbucks, and ask you to put pressure on the coffee company to give coffee farmers a fairer deal.

It's simple: the Ethiopian government has asked Starbucks to sign an agreement that recognises Ethiopia's legal ownership of its coffee names. This will give Ethiopia's 15 million farmers a better cut of the profits.

Despite its much-publicised commitments to farming communities, Starbucks refuses to take the Ethiopian request seriously.

WHAT YOU CAN DO - Click here to go to the Starbucks Action MySpace page:

And then take the action: click the link and send an automated fax to the
CEO of Starbucks, telling him to give Ethiopian farmers a fair deal.

If you're on MySpace, add it as one of your top friends, send a bulletin with a link or spread the word in any way you can.

Whatever you do, please take action!

Thanks loads for your time,

Oxfam Generation Why


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Anonymous said...

You beat me to it on that one! I did have some kind of Starbucks mail the other day but I didn't read it. With about 250 emails a day, many of which are press releases, a lot of stuff that could've been interesting ends up in the bin. But that's where you come in handy :-)

Am off to do my good deed now.

Anonymous said...

Also done.........

The Divine Mr. M said...

Also done.