Thursday, November 16, 2006

This is what we're up against!

If you're feeling fragile about the chances of your baby making it in the big bad world of publishing, DON'T click this link.

If you want the truth about how the big guys sell books - go ahead and click it.

And then give thanks for the indie bookshops and pray they survive!


Caroline said...

You put the 'don't' in uppercase so I HAD to click!!!!!!!
Fragile - but realistic thanks to you.

Anonymous said...

Supermarket selling. It's just like those end of aisle offers you've been passing for years.

Elizabeth Baines said...

The world is a darker place since I read this - but we need to know the odds!

Debi said...

Yes - forewarned is forearmed ... knowledge is power ... and various other cliches that may or may not help us feel better ...

Roger Morris said...

Am I going mad or did a similar story come out a while back? Possibly it was for something different but I'm sure it involved paying money to get prominent position in bookshops. Or maybe I am experiencing some kind of rupture in the space time continuum.

The cards are definitely stacked against the smaller publishers. And certainly even in the case of the bigger publishers they will not fork out for every author.

I'm very disillusioned, though, to realise that the staff recommendations are bought. Does the same apply to reviews in the Waterstones magazine? They're all done by staffers, aren't they?