Saturday, December 15, 2007

More munches than trenches

FB's account of his trip to Ypres:

I couldn't eat for at least a couple of hours. Then I had my first roll - the egg mayo one - on the Shuttle. We had lunch in the trenches. It was vegetable stew and sausages. Obviously I didn't eat the sausages. But the stew was delicious. Luckily for me, everyone else hated it so they gave me theirs. Later on we had hot chocolate. Then we went chocolate shopping - look, I've brought back a bag. Oh - before the chocolate I had a mango ice cream and bought some chewing gum. I ate the cheese salad roll on the way home. I'm starving. What's for supper?

Just to prove the trip consisted of more than the above foodfest account might suggest, here are some of his photos.


Unknown said...

I always eat a lot when I'm traumatised. He takes good photos.

Unknown said...

An army marches on its stomach!

Debi said...

This may sound like the ravings of a delusional mother, but actually I think this was the ultimate in comfort eating. (Not just that my son's a glutton!)

The trip was not as emotional as he/we expected - but it WAS extremely shocking - sparing nothing in its depiction of the atrocities and horrors of war.

Quite right too.