Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Shock horror - people are interested in sex!

Who'd've thought it?

As a result of my teeny linky post here, I've had over 100 visits to my blog today from people searching for 'Sex in the Noughties', 'Girl with a One Track Mind' or 'sex blogs'.

Not for one moment did I expect that since ... er ... my post didn't actually say anything at all!
Boy, are they going to be disappointed when they get here!

There are sexy bits of my blog, I suppose, just because I blog about life and sex is a part of life. (Well, derrr ...)
But it's certainly not a sex blog as such.

The programme last night provided an opportunity for Zoe to state her case - which is mainly, what's all the fuss about?
People have always had sex.
People have always enjoyed sex.
People have always talked about enjoying sex.

Zoe happens to talk about it in an intelligent and entertaining way that has obviously had resonances for many other people.
She also did it anonymously and went to great lengths to protect that anonymity.
But when she was 'outed' by the tabloids, all hell broke loose.

So I was glad that the programme gave her the chance to give her version in her own words.

The programme had its faults - see here for Zoe's own list.
And personally I couldn't see the point of the constant images of women blogging in the nude ...

I mean, if I was sitting here starkers, I'd have goose pimples larger than my breasts!
How sexy an image is that???


Penelope Farmer said...

It wasn't the tabloids. Bloody Sunday Times. Though what else could you expect from a Murdoch owned paper.

Oh yes we all sit at our laptops topless. Not that they'd show a single-breasted 60 odd year old, now would they?

Anonymous said...

hi debi, three year markers,how about for starters blogs have come into their own since 2004...also have a look at the newspapers, this happened 3 years ago,the policy was inacted 3 yers ago,this is a 3 year policy,there are many variables,you will find but the timescales are 3 year markers most, not all times..the funding is for 3 years , how many times have you come across that..
I have found that when you look at your own life,its amazing how
many times 3 years markers come up. example: My earlist memory,is at 2 years of age.and my parents shouting at each other,3 years later, they split up, and i went to live somewhere else,and then all you do is run the life clock in years, upto present day..of course other events have happened in your life, and for sure, other 3 year appear,Why does this appear to be so? im still working on this one,perhaps in 3 years i might find out; but its most strange...
regards Freerange Homelesschicken x

johnbakeronline said...

"I mean, if I was sitting here starkers, I'd have goose pimples larger than my breasts!
How sexy an image is that???"

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I'll give it ten if you say it again.

Unknown said...

I agree, what is all the fuss about. It's not new, it's just something we do when there is nothing better on the TV!

Unknown said...

Oh for Gawd's sake... is that what still sells papers in this day-and-age..? Everyone has it, so bloody what... *tttthhhh!*

pee ess, in case you didn't know I am in celebration mode - come on over and see me sometime... in the best words of Mae West

Debi said...

Granny - Real Women are rarely shown in such situations. But you're gorgeous anyway!

HC - I'm still working on this theory. Watch out for the poultry eaters over the coming season and stay safe.

John - 10? I get 10? Like, wow. Or is that 10 out of 20 ...?

Minx - good job tv's so crap then!

Cailleach - it wasn't the sex selling the papers - it was outing a woman who dared to talk about it. Grrr. Mae West? Dancing over now ...