Friday, December 07, 2007

Spend your money wisely ...

A friend of mine runs a charity called ALD Life.
Both her sons have Adrenoleukodystrophy, which if you've ever seen the film, Lorenzo's Oil, will be familiar to you.

You can read their story here - I challenge you not to:
1) cry
2) be amazed at her single minded determination to do the very best for her children.

Anyway, I just received an email from her.

She's always coming up with new and imaginative ways to fundraise and with the splurging season coming up, this is timely.

We have just joined a service called Simple Fundraising. This is a fundraising website that earns commission from retail outlets and utility services for ALD Life or your chosen charity every time you shop online from the site. The link for our fundraising page is here. Simply register and then start shopping – you can even do online grocery shopping at Tescos or ASDAs and earn money for us! This really is a fantastically easy way to help us raise money so please pass this on to all your friends and encourage them to do their Xmas etc. shopping online through the link above.

Thank you all for your support and happy retail therapying!!

So, if you're planning on spending some of your hard-earned, here's a way to do so and help others at the same time.

Happy Chanukah - or Eid, Divali, Yule, Xmas - or whichever festival of light you celebrate.

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Unknown said...

A lovely lighted idea, Debi - I am looking into it.

Happy Chanukah to you, G and the Kat babies.