Friday, December 14, 2007

My baby's in the trenches

First Born has gone on a school trip today to Ypres with this lot.

He had to be at school by 5am (gasp!) and won't be home 'til late tonight.
I suspect the organisers might be attempting to recreate the exhaustion of battle ...

In between arriving in Belgium and the inevitable chocolate shopping, he's going to be going through the emotional wringer according to the packed itinerary which includes re-enactments, visits to a cemetery, a journey through the trenches and talks from ex-servicemen.

'I'm going to embarrass myself,' he told me last night.
'Why?' I asked.
'Because I'm sure to cry,' he replied.

I told him that was fine and that tears are the absolute appropriate response under the circumstances.


Anonymous said...

the twins did their french excnhage to normandy earlier this term. james tells me at least 8 out of the 20 in their group were crying in the cemeteries (sp?) - i think it's pretty much par for the course. i know i would xxxx

Unknown said...

Todd went to Berlin a few years ago, part of the itinerary was a visit to Sachsenhausen. It had a profound effect on the whole group and there were plenty of tears.

Debi said...

Exactly as it should be. Sometimes tears are the only possible response.

Anyway - just had a text from him. He's up to the chocolate part. That's my boy!

Unknown said...

First born sounds like good and sensitive kid. It's bound to be a very intense, emotionally charged trip - one can never come away from those things unmoved, unless one is inhuman.

Hope he brings you back lots of luscious Belgium choccies.

S. Kearney said...

Good advice, Debs! :-)