Wednesday, December 05, 2007

That was the weekend that was ...

Right. The details of the weekend as promised.

In case you haven't worked it out:
  • The Cornish witch was of course our very own Kate of Inner Minx, who arrived on Friday from Cornwall
  • The Irish poet was Cailleach of Barbara's Bleeuugh. She arrived Saturday morning from Ireland.
  • The pipe and slippers belonged to Tom of this posse. Minxy and I met him on Friday to chat about 'things'.
  • The eco fair took place on Goose Green on Saturday lunchtime.
  • The gathering of blogging authors was where we went next to meet up with the following Bookarazzi buddies who had come from far and wide to chat and stroke each other's books:

Greg Stekelman from north London of The Man Who Fell Asleep
Granny P from Lanzarote of Rockpool in the Kitchen
Elizabeth Baines from Manchester of Fiction Bitch
Cailleach from Ireland of Barbara's Bleeuugh!
Shauna Reid from Scotland of The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl
Gaz from Coventry of Bowen T Hunter
Clare Dudman from Chester of Keeper of the Snails
Emma Darwin from south London (turns out she lives 9 doors away from me!) of This Itch of Writing
Ash from Scotland of Random Burblings
Rachel from North London
Kate from Cornwall of Inner Minx
... and yours truly.
  • The birthday (not mine) was Babs's. Her 40th, which we celebrated with a small party at home - including cake (chocolate, naturally).

The gin and chocolate need no further explanation, I presume.

PS: Spent ages faffing round trying to upload pix but have stopped before I lose the will to live.
Minx has some on her post.
Update: Risen to the challenge and in spite of triple brain bypass have managed to upload the pix.


S. Kearney said...

Sounds like it was a blast! I'm intrigued by the pipe and slippers business! I suppose I should watch that space. :-) And the PICS! Where are they? ! lol

Unknown said...

The pics are probably loitering in, Shamey, that's where she hides all her 'missing' emails!!!

Debi said...

Ha! I went there to check and there were no emails, though I did find the pix, 9 odd socks, a year's supply of biros, 6 pieces of lego, 2 marbles and a pound coin.

Unknown said...

That's good, you can eat today.

Debi said...

The socks taste foul.

Anonymous said...

looks as if the night,was a scream,perhaps next meeting in Feb?2008 i could attend.After looking ar Minx,s site, and change of name, Who am i ?
clue: wheres the bash?
regards *********