Thursday, September 27, 2007

Me … me … on me strengths

Canterbury Soul mugged – I mean tagged – me for this meme.

So without further ado, this is how I see my top five strengths as a writer.

  • Voice

I’ve said before that my blog voice, fiction voice and Real Life voice are all pretty much the same.

My 1st 2 books were written in the 1st person …
The following 3 in the 3rd person …
(Are you following the numerology here?)

But in all cases the style is a direct and conversational flow from me to you.

  • I’m a keen observer (aka nosey cow)
I said here that I’d like to be a fly on the wall.
Wherever I am – in the supermarket, on public transport, at the school gates –
I’m watching you ...
I check your mannerisms …
I eavesdrop on your conversations …
I imagine your story.

I’m fascinated by you.
(Not scaring you, am I?)

  • I’m also pathologically empathetic
In Real Life this can be a hindrance.
I see where you’re coming from even when you’re being vile to me.
This means I’ll often end up putting your needs before my own.

But as a writer I reckon it enables me to think myself inside someone else’s skin and create believable characters.
(Though if you don’t agree, I’ll understand of course …)

  • I’m a natural story teller

My life is strung together like a series of anecdotes.
I can go on for hours (and frequently do) conjuring up tales from my past or from family history.
It’s part of the oral tradition and I have endless fascination for hearing other people’s stories too.

  • And I’m an avid reader
I know some people say they can’t read other people’s books while writing their own but that’s not the case for me.
Since I first toddled my way round the shelves of the children’s library, I’ve always had a book on the go.
I read in all styles and genres and though these days I read more critically, seeing what works and what doesn’t has become an additional part of the pleasure.

I feel sorry for people who are unwilling or unable to access the infinite worlds contained between the covers of a book.
(Are you listening, sons of mine?)

Right – over to you now.
I’m not going to do the tagging thing –
- just do it if it chimes with you.


Anonymous said...

thank you for playing along! and your strengths are invaluable lessons to me, truly. :)

Unknown said...

Oh good job, Debi - great answers. I've been tagged twice, so now that I'm sticking my nose above the battlements I'll aim to do the meme tomorrow.

Debi said...

c.s. - thanks for making me focus!

Ab Van - great to see your nose again.

Unknown said...

Grat list Debi, I found this meme super hard as being positive about my writing is obviously not one of my strenghts!