Thursday, September 27, 2007

Techy trauma

So today was my first day since July (yes, really) when I have been home and didn't have to either go to see my dad or edit an MS.

I was planning on a protracted surfing session ...

So what happens?
No broadband connection ...

40 mins on phone to Mumbai - no result.

Cleared desk and wrote a little.
(My current book wanted to know who I was since it's been so long since I'd paid her any attention.)

Then I had a brainwave.
I'd organised changing my ISP (gasp) but hadn't rec'd any written confirmation so hadn't informed my current provider yet.

Wasn't worried - was told it wouldn't happen 'til end Oct anyway.

Just in case there was a connection with the non-connection (oo-er) I tried ringing the new posse.

Cue yet another 40 min phone call to another number in Mumbai.

Because yes - they'd swapped me without letting me know.

So now I've just finally arrived online -
- 10 mins before I have to leave to pick up Little Guy from school.

Them's the breaks ...


Unknown said...

Oh technology, what would we do without it? Be a lot less stressed no doubt.

Debi said...

True but then we wouldn't have met and we wouldn't be doing this, would we?