Monday, September 24, 2007

The shining lights of the litblogs

In case you've missed these exciting developments in the litblogosphere:

Cailleach's new poetry book, Kairos, has been published and she's embarking on a promo tour.

Pundy's going it (not so) alone (we're all here) and his book, A Half Life of One, will soon be available.

And that Shameless leader of the pride has a new initiative - a collective short story - here.


pundy said...

Thanks for the plug, Debbie - much appreciated.

Debi said...

My pleasure, Punddie.

I'll even forgive you for spelling my name wrong.

Unknown said...

Oh it's all go isn't it. How exciting for Cailleach and Pundy.

Unknown said...

Thanks for that Debi - your copy should be there by Saturday at the latest!