Tuesday, March 04, 2008

That'll teach me

Bah! I thought I'd just nip in to update my links to include the lovely new bloggers I've recently met and I've only gone and changed the appearance of my whole blog!

But while I'm here - just a teensy mini meme.
This came in before I made the decision to back off and anyway it's from the lovely Lucy Pepper.
More importantly - it's short.

So I turn to page 123 of the nearest book to hand - Pomes by John Ahearn.
I'm supposed to go to the 5th sentence and then transcribe the next 3, only I'm going to do this as lines not sentences.

anyone would wish, given a choice,
propped on clean pillows, the family close,
framing their last thoughts, in their last voice.

And now I have to pass it on (at which point shouldn't a meme become a youyou?).

Shouting to Sharon at her brand new, stripped down sparkly blog and to Leslie, because I've never zapped her before.

Right - off to dad now, editing on tube with right hand and making lists with left.


Unknown said...

This meme is wonderful because half the bloggers I know have done it (I did it this morning) and no one has tagged anyone to do it! It must therefore be a YouMe or MeYou - or maybe that's just a Miaouw. Anyway, it's obviously a magic meme since it doesn't require tagging. Wish all memes were like that!

Sue Guiney said...

I like this one, and I like the fact that you've now confirmed for me the pronunciation of "meme". I kept saying the word "meem" to myself when I read it and thinking, "wait a minute - that can't be right"! And thanks for the link!

Yvonne said...

Love your new look!

Anonymous said...

There is something so marvelous about serendipity...
I opened the nearest book, Treasury of Irish Folklore, and page 123 has to do with St. Patrick.
This meme will fit nicely on my blog with my all-Irish-all-month theme.
Thanks for the nice link. I'm always up for a game of 'tag', or 'zap'!

Anonymous said...

hi debi,not sure as i write this ,but reminds me of a childrens nursey tale, rag,tag,and bobtail..mmmm
hugs homelesschicken x
p.s monies from dave gilmour(pink floyd) being used to help set up something called Urban Village..been in news latley,has not got approval,because of local residents fears,this time east london,1st time camden..as the papers called it,good idea mixing homeless,and people on low wages in shared accommodation..but residents of both areas say not in my back yard..Hc

Debi said...

Ab Van - nice wordplay.

Sueg - I'm afraid that's just me playing - I think it is pronounced meem.

Yvonne - well, that makes me feel better. Thanks!

Leslie - doncha just love it when things work out that way?

HC - NIMBYism makes me so mad!