Thursday, March 27, 2008

Are you one in a million yet?

If you are, you'll know that Avaaz have reached their target to collect a million signatures to protest against the situation in Tibet.
Proof positive of the power of the internet and of YOU!

If you haven't signed yet, what are you waiting for?

Here is an excerpt from the latest email:

Dear friends,

We reached our target! In just 7 days over 1 million of us have signed the petition calling for human rights and dialogue in Tibet--the fastest growing internet petition in history. As the crisis continues, it's time to deliver our petition and make sure Chinese President Hu Jintao hears our voices.

An International Day of Action has been declared for Monday, March 31st. On Monday, thousands of people in cities across the world will march to Chinese embassies and consulates, and stack hundreds of boxes containing our petition outside them. 1 million signatures makes a mountain of boxes--it will send a powerful global message.

We have just 4 days left until the petition delivery. Could we get to 2 million signatures in 4 days? We can do it--if every one of us recruits at least one more friend to sign the petition.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

We made a million? Whoooohoooo! Now here's hoping it has an influence.

Not sure to what extent you're aware of it, but Africa is slowly being colonised by China. It's a trifle worrying.