Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Brave new world?

I switched on the tv for a quick glimpse of the news headlines.

First up - concerns re a new website called Miss Bimbo (I kid you not).
In exchange for Bimbo dollars you can clothe and feed your very own Bimbo and even pay for cosmetic surgery.
Apparently, girls as young as 9 have been accessing the site which I'm not going to link to for obvious reasons.

Next up - the NUT is discussing whether to ban the army from schools amid fears that the MOD is presenting a distorted and propagandist view of the realities of life in the armed forces.

What kind of brave new world are we creating for our children?
I despair ...


Debi said...

Is that first letter of yuck a typo?

Amina said...

very true...i wonder myself is there any place that cud be really family friendly, liberal and safe?
regards from Poland

Debi said...

Hi and welcome, Amina.

It's all down to people, isn't it? What kind of world do we want to create ...?

The 2 examples I gave in the post had both come to my attention because there were loud protests against them.

We have to ensure our voices are always heard.